A couple of weeks ago we made a road trip Isiolo (Kenya), saw the country side and took a ton of pictures. These are the highlights. Check out the story on the STORIES page.
Ngare Ndare waterfall inside Ngare Ndare Forest.
Ngare Ndare river cutting through the market with the same name. The waterfall is upstream.
One of the many trails deep inside the Ngare Ndare forest.
The Tree Canopy Walkway in Ngare Ndare. 400 metres long, 45 feet high.
Wooden platform at the end of the canopy walk way.
First light -  Isiolo.
Shenanigans while at it.
Mt. Ololokwe (Ol Donyo Sabache).
This guy in the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary - Ol Pejeta.
Baraka, The Rhino Ambassador - Ol Pejeta.  
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